Halloween Dates

by Brandon

Well, I needed a place for a date on Saturday night. So instead of going to the movies or dinner or your other typical dating locations, I decided to take my girl to a haunted house/hayride, which is perfect for the time of year.

Now at first I thought it was a kid's thing, but after the night, I discovered that this is the perfect place for an amazing date.

First of all, it's an active date. My girl and I were able to walk around the haunted house and find our way through the corn maze; it gave us room to move, au contraire to just sitting around in front of a large screen.

Secondly, it's the perfect place for intense kino (touching). When I mention kino, I mean the girl is practically all over you, since she is basically scared straight.

It's great when you're trying to find your way through the dark rooms and you know at any moment something is going to pop out at you. And the girl, by nature, grabs on to your hand because, trust me, some of the stuff in the haunted house is so freaky that you'll be wanting to hold her hand too.

Well if you can stand your ground and appear to be in control, you will win the trust of the girl. She'll cling to you for safety even though the whole fright thing is just role-playing. It puts you in control now, and if you're the man, you can hold her around the waist and joke with her, poking fun at her for being scared.

The best part is after you get through the haunted house you and her will share a mutual feeling that you have gone through a terrible ordeal, and have made it through together; it'll make the two of you feel a closer and more intimate bond with each other.

At this point you can hold her hand, link arms, put your arm around her, anything really, cause you have basically won her trust, and she will love you for that.