Improving with Women One Tip at a Time

by Kid Quick

If you watch boxing you'll recognize a good corner man.

He's the one that gives his fighter one good piece of advice in between each round, instead of trying to cram his head full of stuff he won't remember. By focusing on that one tip his guy may be able to turn the fight around.

I'm using that same logic on dates.

I had a couple dates last week and before each one I thought of one or two things to work on. Both dates went well, one better than the other. Bottom line is that even if neither one goes anywhere I feel my abilities will be more polished for the next time.

Don't try to cram 50 tips into your head before approaching a girl or going on a date. Just think of one or two things you normally omit and you'll be more focused.


The Girl File

by The Lonestar

I have stumbled upon a great tip recently.

I started talking to a woman on the phone that I had met online. In previous relationships I have always found it hard to remember all the important little things, like her favorite bands and such.

With this girl I started my own file, every time I spoke to her I would write down little things that should be remembered.

I recently met this woman and we had a pretty good date. Afterwards we sat in her car and talked. I used my knowledge from my file to interject relevant things that I knew about her into the conversation. This got me massive points.

It shows that you care enough to remember things that she has told you, things maybe she has forgotten by now. It's an easy thing to do, but you wouldn't believe how a woman will appreciate it.