How a Movie Changed My Life... and Now Women Love Me!

by Anubis

After viewing everyone else's advice, I've decided it is now my turn to "pay my dues" and share the knowledge that has helped me gain a lot of attention from women.

Today, I proudly stand as a muscular 225-lbs ex-collegiate football player, ex-collegiate wrestler, ex-marine veteran, ex-club bouncer. But years ago, I did not have this resume. I was not something that would catch any woman's eye.

I was somewhat like Steve Urkel. Having the hardest problems trying to talk with women. It was horrible how I was "crashing & burning".

One weekend I was at home (since my itinerary was empty) and I usually just liked to watch old episodes of Dr. Who or play with my Atari 2600. I decided to make a run to the video rental store to check out a movie. After going over countless tapes, one finally caught my eye. The name of the movie was "Hardbodies". So I rented it out.

The main character was a guy by the name of Scotty. Scotty was like "Mr. Smooth" when it came to talking with women. He knew how to get women's attention, to make him the object of their affection.

Later in the movie, he meets three guys who all decide to buy a beach house, simply for the purpose of -- meeting women.

These three guys had the worst luck talking with women and were getting frustrated. Scotty comes by and asks if he can "detail" their car. He said, "Chicks really like it when guys have their cars detailed."

One guy unthinkingly says "O.K." Hunter (the name of one of the three guys) looks at him and says, "What's detailed?" Then the first guy says, "Don't know, but chicks like it!"

Later he comes back with a carload of girls after taking their car for a spin. So the guys ask him his secret. He agrees to teach them "the secrets" for $600 a week plus living in their house. They agree.

He used three techniques (1) The "Detail" (2) The "Dialogue" & (3) The BBD.

(1) The "Detail" basically is all about your appearance. Good haircut, nice shave, decent clothes. It's like going to a job interview, it has to do with giving a great first impression. Scotty says for this you only need to know three words -- "Let's go shopping!"

(2) The "Dialogue" is not what to say to women, but how to start a conversation with women. It's best to be creative. There are some great examples that the three guys did in the movie.

(3) The "BBD" stands for "Bigger & Better Deal" -- what sets you apart from the last man that she met and the next that she will meet. This is what will basically make you the center of her attention and the object of her affection.

After viewing this movie I said, "No way can this actually work!" But seeing that my previous techniques were about as good as the 2001 Detroit Lions in their first twelve games (0 - 12), I decided to give it some consideration. I did a few slight adjustments and believe it or not, it worked!

Today among all my wrestling and football trophies, plaques, and medals is that same tape that I bought and that made my life wonderful. Often when I bring someone over, they ask me why that tape is there. I tell them, "Believe it or not, it's one of my best trophies."

Hopefully, if you can find this movie, it will change your life around like it did mine.