Be Prepared to Get Her Phone Number

by Anti-Dump

Always carry a pencil and paper.

You WANT to look prepared. You are silently telling her YOU ask girls for numbers.

Women are not men. They don't think like we do. Women only want a guy when other girls want him. They want a guy who is in demand. They are not jealous of other girls.

She will assume you are successful if you are prepared. If you weren't, you wouldn't be carrying your pencil. They know men don't do things for nothing.

Women who know you might be seeing others are less likely to play games. If they like you, they will be AFRAID to take chances losing you. They know if they say "I'm busy" too many times you will call someone else.

Only two types of women will not like you carrying a pencil for numbers:

1) A deeply insecure woman with emotional problems. She cannot stand the thought of competing with others.

2) A control-freak or manipulator. This kind wants to have it ALL her way. She a 90-10 TAKER in relationships. She is stubborn and inflexible.

Normal women will be surprised.

Since most guys ARE NOT prepared she will wonder what OTHER things you are good at.

Well good luck, guys.