How I Like to Flirt with Cashiers

by Calpurnius Rex

Like the commercials suggest, I enjoy the convenience of using my debit card. At those places where they don't have a unit to enter my pin number, I have to provide my signature. I have used these circumstances to proof myself and as an opener with attractive sales clerks.

In proofing myself, I act as if my signing the debit receipt is me giving the clerk my autograph. For example, while signing my name, I'll say something like: "To Debbie, for all the CDs. Cal."

By offering it up as such, I am suggesting that I am someone worthy of giving an autograph. A celebrity. Someone important. I have not had an occasion where this tactic does not make the sales clerk smile in a very friendly way and open her for further convo.

As an opener, I simply ask for an exchange of names. "You get my name. Can I get yours?"

Eight words and you're moving into convo. Whatever her name is, it's an invitation for comment.

Unusual names ask for explanation. Ordinary names demand favorable comparison or a smiling neg hit.