That's a Pretty Name

by Vern

One thing I have done when on the phone or in a store, public place, etc. is to compliment a lady on, of all things, her name.

I will say her name out loud and then, with sincerity in a lower voice say, "That's a pretty name." Then repeat her name. This almost always causes a reaction of combined surprise and gratitude.

The most important thing to most people is their name.

The lady is usually still smiling intently as I leave. It is unbelievable the service I get the next time I patronize one of these ladies' place of business.

I just do this often out of habit with no agenda in mind, but it does build up interest and provides a bridge for further discussion. After all, if she believes you REALLY like her name, you have a potential new friendship developing.

One last method I use if I'm not sure of how to pronounce the name on her name tag is to just ask out right "How do you pronounce your name?"

Right away she thinks that you care enough to say her name correctly and, as I said before, a person's name is important and she may be used to people mispronouncing her name. So you are already building up favorable thoughts in her mind before she tells you.

Then, when she does respond, repeat it reverently right after she says it, and follow with "That's a pretty name."

Just watch the reaction 90% of the time. I believe this to be a good ice breaker and a way to build her curiosity and interest in you.