Post-It Fun

by UltimateScoundrel

Women love guys who are different and exciting.

One of the best ways to be different from all the guys who think they're cool is to be creative. Women love creativity.

Example: Just for fun I stuck a post-it note to the top of the desk of the hottie that sits next to me. It said look under your desk.

Under her desk I stuck a post-it that said look under your chair. Under her chair I placed a post-it that said "Hey, Hot Stuff."

She looked at the first note and said "What's this?" I said, "A post-it note."

She looked under her desk and when she found the post-it she said while laughing, "You're gay."

She got on her knees and lifted up her chair. She saw the last note, giggled, and blushed.

Just a little idea.