Kino Tip: The Forest Walk

by Jamie

Sometimes it's hard to think up new ways to lay on the kino... that oh-so important, casual-seeming touch which can add so much to a woman's or girl's opinion of you. Well I have the perfect one.

You get the hand kino, you get to lightly and playfully palm her so you can differentiate yourself from other people, and it's funny...

And here it is: The Forest Walk.

When I was young my brother got this practical joke done to him, and which he subsequently did to me... painfully. But I think it could be adapted easily to the pick-up scene.

You tell them you've got a challenge for them, and say that no one you know has ever gotten it right. That challenge is sure to lure anyone into giving it a go, if not to impress you, then to defeat you.

Anyway, you take their hand and turn it palm up and say "Okay, you're walking on the ground in a forest, which is from the heel of your hand to the tip of your fingers. And the object is to walk from one side to the other with your index finger until you get to the other side... without hitting any trees, and with your eyes closed. Okay, the trees are here, here, here." Point out 5 or 6 random locations.

You're holding their hand from underneath as you're saying this, and pointing out the trees with the index finger on the other hand. Anyway, you finish by saying "Okay, close your eyes and give it a try."

They'll try and go slowly and gingerly, thinking about where you pointed out the trees to be (remember not to plant too many, make them think they have a chance) and when they get about mid way through, lightly palm their forehead with the palm of your spare hand.

They should open their eyes in surprise, and you can say with a goofy grin "You hit a tree" and have a good laugh.

I've found it to be the perfect kino trick... useful in so many circumstances to get that needed touch. If you want you can continue to hold their hand afterwards, it's easy to do.