Get More Girls By Teaming Up with Other Guys — Not Competing Against Them

by Corie

I saw a movie once where one guy "jumps on the grenade" at a bar, or wherever they are meeting women. I tried this out with a friend of mine a few times, and was amazed at the results.

One guy approaches the ugliest girl in the group and starts chatting with her. The other guys come over moments later and start introducing themselves to the rest of the girls.

This works well, because often the other girls think that the first guy is a "friend" of the ugly girl, thus making him "safe." Therefore, by default, the other guys are somewhat "safe" too and the girls' defenses come down.

The "Brother Down" theory comes into effect when you're alone at a bar, or with a guy that's with a girl already. Often there are other guys there looking to score, guys you may not know. But instead of competing with them for the ladies, it's much easier to team up with them to achieve your goals. You have to pick the right guys though, guys that look as sharp as you do, and you find easy to chat with.

For example, you're out alone and you are at the bar getting a drink. You notice some guy standing there alone and you mention the amount of tail in the bar tonight. Strike up a conversation with the other guy (hence brother down) and make a few suggestions on how you can team up together to achieve both of your goals.

It works, it really does, and you can use all of the other techniques to generate some solid leads.