Using Self-Talk and Affirmations

by Don Diebel

I'm a firm believer in self-talk and affirmations. I am going to give you a list of affirmations to repeat over and over in your mind throughout the day to help you meet, date, attract, and seduce more single women.

Say these affirmations with feeling and emotion. Actually see yourself in your mind's eye doing these things. You can even say them in front of a mirror to give them more power and impact.

The purpose of all this self-talk and repetition is for these affirmations to work on your subconscious mind to make them a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Here is the list of affirmations to use (pick the ones that apply to you) to help you succeed with single women:

1) "I can walk up to any woman and start talking to her."

2) "I can move into action quickly and easily when I see a woman I would like to meet."

3) "I realize that some women simply are not interested in men, so if I get turned down by a woman, I quickly forget about it and move on to another woman."

4) "When I go to a nightclub, I will now feel very relaxed and comfortable around women."

5) "Each time I try to meet a woman is easier than the time before."

6) "I close the door tightly on my past bad experiences with women and keep it closed."

7) "Now I'm not standing around all night waiting for something to happen. Now I make something happen. I take action."

8) "I realize that most women I meet are quiet anxious to have me ask them for a date. Knowing this, I am completely relaxed and self-confident whenever I ask a woman for a date."

9) "If a woman rejects me, now I don't let it hurt my feelings. I get over it and move on."

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