How to Make Getting Girls EASY

by Greenlars82

We've all heard the expression "Hook A Brotha Up." And what better to hook a guy up with than a woman?

Every single guy on the planet has at least a few girls as friends. So in theory, the more guys you know, the more girls you should know.

Imagine you get a phone call from one of your buddies that goes something like this:

"Hey, bro, check it out. I was talking to my friend Stacy, you know, the hot blonde chick you liked in that picture I showed you? And since you're my boy, I was selling you big time and she was buying it.

"After I told her how you're a musician, a martial artist, and how you hate broccoli as much as she does, she's dying to meet you. Here's her number - I told her to keep Friday night open so you can set something up with her."

Holy Christ. Is this a friend or what?

Call me a Psych major, but let's analyze this a bit, shall we? Your friend just took care of at least 80% of the work for you - we've entirely bypassed the awkwardness of trying to establish eye contact and the potential rejection at a request for a dance/conversation/phone number, etc...

And not to mention, she already knows some stuff about you - stuff that will serve as a starting point in conversation. So now that your friend has eliminated most of the nerve-racking aspects of an initial male-female interaction, the rest should be smooth sailing.

As we all know, you're a great guy, and being with you is the best decision any girl could ever make - the only issue (until now, that is) was getting a girl to give you the time of day to prove this much to her.

Well now you've got her time - your good friend (who will be generously rewarded either in terms of alcohol the next time you're out together, or by returning the favor with a girl you're friends with) has already made sure of this.

Logically, it's much easier (mentally, emotionally and even financially) to learn that a woman is unavailable and/or uninterested from your friend than it is to come to this same conclusion after: getting shot down, being blown off/stood up, given a fake number, or getting milked by (Doc Love's coined-terms) a "mercenary" or "professional dater."

Womankind, allied with Cosmo magazine and female-biased love experts, has waged a war on man a long time ago - a war that we can win if we put our heads together and outsmart these simple, emotional creatures with our superior logic.

Read everything on the DJ site - if you're serious about improving yourself and your love life, then you can't go wrong.

And remember, the next time a female friend of yours is complaining/whining/crying to you about what a scumbag her boyfriend is, how she hates being alone, or how she can't find a good guy, open your mouth and utter something that sounds like this:

"Stephanie, have I ever told you about my friend Joe? No? Oh, he's great! You'd love him..."

Then talk your friend up the way he would do for you; whether you get this guy laid, a one time only date, or even just a phone number, he'll appreciate your effort more than you know and will be especially eager to reciprocate that same kindness.

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