Women Love Wacky Guys

by Slick

So many of my male friends are unsuccessful with women.

They all share one common trait. They are way too cool. Trying to impress potential women, they worry far too much about playing it cool and end up just being boring.

I, on the other hand, have always had a wacky sense of humor and have noticed that women really seem to respond.

There are definitely times when you should play it cool, but sometimes doing something crazy or saying something silly can really get you somewhere.

Some examples:


My last date I just happened to have a Hula-Hoop in the car. When I picked her up she asked, "What's that?" I just said "We'll get to that later."

So when I dropped her off I said "Wait a minute, we forgot to Hula." So there we were in her driveway at 12:30 am, Hula-Hooping and laughing our heads off. When the neighbor's light came on she invited me inside to continue.


At a summer barbecue there was this real hotty who was getting hit on like crazy. She was also shooting everyone down.

When I approached I felt her forcefield go up instantly. I hadn't even had a chance to hit on her.

We began with some small talk and when I asked about her work she explained that it wasn't going very well and she was actually quite broke. I responded by saying "Why don't you try Stripping." She looked at me as though I was crazy and then started cracking up laughing.

I guess she figured if I would say something that stupid then I obviously wasn't trying to pick her up. Her guard went down and we talked for almost an hour. All the while my buddies were watching and wondering how I did it.

It obviously has its place, but I think that being silly now and again shows that you just don't give a damn and you aren't just this smooth guy trying to pick up the babes.

You are just there to have fun, and who can resist that!