Getting Over Your Fear of Girls

by Wes Basinger

I have been getting the newsletter for a long long time now, and it has changed my life significantly.

In all of my time I have found that the best way to improve in anything is to believe in yourself. This statement applies to every aspect of life.

If you are an athlete, and you are afraid that you will slip at the wrong moment, then it will happen. If you are a performer, and you are afraid that you are going to mess up, then it will happen. If you are a student, and you are afraid you will freeze on a test, then it's a guarantee that you will.

Finally, if you are walking up to a woman, and you are afraid that you will say something stupid, then you are going to mess up. The entire premise for success is to be not afraid.

When we are younger and we are just starting to meet girls, many of us aren't successful in our attempts at courting the first time. This trains us to be afraid of that situation.

Even if we are focused on our fear or not messing up, the fear remains. Fear is created to preserve a person's well being, but a phobia is an irrational fear. Most men have a phobia with women because of a lack of success.

That ends up being the only thing that keeps us from being successful.

The best tactic to counter fear, is a saying that someone once told me, and works wonders:

Be interested, not interesting.

Take this and run with it.

When you are talking to a woman, watch her and see how she reacts to what you say. Observe how she reacts to your smile, and do your best to ask her things that will keep her talking.

That's the be interested part. As far as being interesting, all you have to do make yourself look as good as possible before you go out... and then you forget about yourself.

In the end if you are focused on who you are talking to (the woman) and not what you're doing (the way you are walking, the way you are talking, the way you look), you will be fine.