Is She Giving You a Fake Phone Number?

by Shant-A Killer

Many guys get a girl's number and feel really proud of that accomplishment. They feel proud in front of their friends and go home to sleep with a big smile on their face.

They then decide to wait three days to call the girl, and soon find out that the number they were given was a wrong number!

Well, whenever I get a number from a girl I do the number check.

If she tells me her number (for example, 822-2130), I will repeat the number back to her wrongly (such as 822-2230).

If she corrects me, then I know she is sincere. If she gave me a wrong number, she won't correct me. If it is a wrong number, I just walk away or tell her that she should play games with someone else.

It is easy to tell a girl that you made a mistake in repeating her number. She will act really smart as she corrects you, but that's o.k.

The same technique works when she writes her number down for you. Just repeat it back differently. Hopefully she will correct you and you will be on your way.

You will never have to worry about whether the number is right or wrong again! Take care.

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