Smart and Sexy

by Scoop

I am constantly amazed at how impressed a lot of women are that I am able to carry on a conversation about basic current events.

I'm telling you guys, get in the habit of reading your local newspaper - or ever better, the New York Times or Washington Post - for just 10 minutes a day, and not only will you be more well-informed, you can use this knowledge to impress the ladies.

Women want to be with someone they think is worldly, intelligent, and insightful. It makes them feel secure - like you aren't some idiot who just doesn't get it. As Kool Moe Dee once said, "Knowledge is king."

I'm a journalist, so it's natural that I read the newspaper every day and try to be at least conversational about things going on in the world around me. TV is ok - but if you want the little details that your average glazed-eyed couch potato will never get, read the paper - and not just the sports section.

Seriously, skim the paper each day and try to make a point of reading at least one article of interest to you. This article can be about politics, crime, a high-profile court case, entertainment news, military affairs, international affairs, hell, even "news of the weird." News of the weird, found in many local alternative newspapers, has tons of freakish, but true, stories that make great conversation pieces.

Reading the paper will give you things to talk about when the conversation stalls, and make you look smart and sexy in the process.

One word of warning: Don't come on too strong with your political views - conservative, liberal, whatever - at first. Feel her out and see where she stands, then gently but firmly state your views.

No one likes a blowhard who doesn't respect other people's opinions. That's fine with your blowhard buddies, but it will never get you laid.

Trust me, read the paper. It's the cheapest education you'll ever get.