The Value of Planning Your Dates

by Zelh

It is definitely important to plan what you're doing.

For example, I planned to take my new girlfriend out for a dinner date for her birthday. We both like Chinese so before I made the trip to pick her up, I took a lone stroll down to China Town (UK) where I assessed every single restaurant I could find.

I'm talking menus, prices, and especially seats and settings. After picking the destination to be, I walked in and spoke to the manager about the restaurant, gave him my name, and a good impression about myself and told him I needed a table for two at six.

I picked the misses up, took her hand, feeling confident and relaxed, avoiding "How about this place?" or "Where'd you wanna go?" or having it parroted back at me, and led her to where I'd just been about an hour ago.

Walked in, manager gives the impression he knows me, sits us down - all good. If the manager quotes your name then that's a bonus.

Women love men that lead and she was so impressed. It's also an idea to know what food she likes and then order for the both of you straight away, after all, you've checked out the menus. Throw in "May I order for the lady?" in a jokingly, cool kinda way before you do.

She'll think you're great, confident, witty and sociable. Easy.