Attract Women By Oozing Testosterone

by Todd

I was on a second date with a girl (who later became my girlfriend of 12 months) and we ended up back at my place and had sex. The next day she was a bit embarrassed about the whole thing, as she didn't usually do that (and I believe her).

So she confessed a few months later that I just oozed testosterone on that date and she couldn't resist me.

Now this girl was a fairly strong woman, who was raised by a single mother and taught that she didn't need a man for anything, and that the type of guy I was was no good.

This is the gut-level attraction that this site has been talking about. She couldn't understand why she was so attracted to me. Her head was saying this was a brash, strong, and didn't take crap kind of guy (and that she doesn't normally like that guy) but her body was saying I want this guy.

A few quick tips on how to show "the ooze."

- I told her that I had been in a few fights in my time. I didn't go into any details, and made sure that I highlighted that all the fights have been in defense of friends (which they have been). This showed her that I am a strong male who can protect her, honor my friends, and am not afraid to defend someone if the situation arose. This portrays the alpha man thing.

- I told her about the contact sports I play (e.g. Australian Rules Football) and I don't mean table tennis or baseball.

So, guys, even if you have never been in a fight or played contact sports, you can tell a few whites lies. The trick is to keep it vague and don't focus on the fight so much, but why it happened (to defend).

With the contact sports, again bend the truth. Say that you used to play it, but hurt your knee (or whatever) and can't play anymore.

Go back to the basics of what being a man is, and she will have that gut-level attraction that gets her drooling over you.