A Secret Place Full of Hot Women

by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Wombs

Have you ever thought to yourself: "There must be a place where all the young hot ladies are, a secret place just waiting to be found?"

Well, my friends, I used to think this too and by joves I think I have found it.

Sound too good to be true?

I have two words for you: Hairdressing College.

As we all know, appearances are important. Being a poor uni student I am always trying to find new ways of saving a buck. In desperate need of some grooming I stumbled across the local hairdressing college.

Lured in by the promise of a five dollar haircut, I discovered that this virtual harem was packed full of HOT enthusiastic girls, waiting to pamper me... with not another (straight) guy in sight!

If you're worried about a bad haircut, don't be. These girls have extremely hot supervisors watching every move, and you get the advantage of more than one opinion.

The place I was in was full of mirrors, and as I was sitting there I could make eye contact with almost any girl I wanted to. It was unreal!

These girls are also taught that conversation is important with their clients so the pressure is off us.

My five bucks got me a sweet haircut, a wash, condition, and head massage and more than an hour of attention from one damn sexy chickybabe. If I didn't already have a girlfriend I would have asked her out.