Ambition Will Get You Girls... and Here's How to Display It

by Allen Thompson

Women are attracted to men with ambition... men with drive... men with goals... men who want to make something of themselves and their lives.

Women QUICKLY lose interest in men who are content with the way things are... men who are satisfied... men who think that their steady job at the office or warehouse is good enough -- because, hey, they make enough money to live off of. The work's not too awful. And then there's bowling on Tuesdays, and ER on Thursdays.

Now the attraction that women feel for ambitious men is not primarily based on "money" or "power" (though the possession of money and power definitely won't hurt). It has more to do with the compelling drive that moves a man to take charge of his life.

Remember, a man with ambition, goals, and passion is a man to be reckoned with... a man to be respected... a man who's "going someplace." And a man who's INTERESTING.

Bottom Line: You will have a much easier time peaking a woman's interest if you can demonstrate ambition, goals, and passion.

Now there are many, many ways you can go about "demonstrating ambition, goals, and passion" and you're free, of course, to choose whatever you like. But one of the easiest and most effective ways I've found to create this "perception" is to simply start some kind of part-time business.

The fact that you run a "business" will quickly and effectively communicate to her that you are not content... that you have ambition... that you want to make something of yourself. And it will quickly and effectively separate you from all the Don Wannabes out there.

In addition, when you start your own part-time business, there's the possibility (which will subtly run through the back of a woman's mind) that, hey, "This guy might be rich someday." Definitely not a bad thing to have running through her mind.

I'm not going to try to tell you what kind of business to start. That's up to you. Whatever you're interested in. Just go to any search engine and type in "business opportunities" and prepare to be inundated.

I will tell you that an internet-based business is one of the easiest types to start... and when you casually mention that you run "an internet-based business," the ladies will get the impression that you're definitely a modern man with potential.

Yes, I highly encourage you to become an entrepreneur... even if the only reason you do so is to get chicks. (Nobody said you actually had to "work" your business, did they?)

Allen Thompson
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