Attract Women By Standing Out From the Pack

by Fu Fu

Women are very intrigued by individuality. Key word here is intrigued.

It goes without saying that people stand out due to contrast. Meaning doing the opposite or different of what everyone else does. This doesn't mean in a crazy stupid way, just a different way.

Here are some examples of how I've learned to be intriguing in a real way, not fake.

Going to a scene where you KNOW most guys are going to be dressed alike (e.g. jeans, T-shirt, dirty sweat stained white hats, and flip flops)?

Be different, clean up and wear some nice shoes and pants. Nothing too fancy, just enough above the average crowd that girls will notice your attention to detail. If you show that you pay attention to yourself, women will always wonder how you would treat them!

All the guys on the scene drinking beer?

Bring a bottle of wine or nice liquor. I prefer scotch. Women love sophistication and it separates you from the crowd. Get a subscription to wine spectator or buy a bar manual.

All the guys standing around waiting for girls to ask them to dance?

As Salt N' Peppa say "Get on out there and dance, DANCE I SAID!" Don't be afraid to ask a girl to dance. This automatically makes you stand out. She'll probably say yes just because you had the balls to ask. And if you don't know how to dance? LEARN!

All the guys you know listen to Pop, Rap, Country, Etc?

Add some Jazz, Blues and Classical to your repertoire. Again sophistication adds to your mystery, especially when you are jammin to Miles Davis with your cap on backwards or flowin with DMX in your Monkey Suit!

Some good mood musicians are Kenny Burrell, Mark Whitfield, Fattburger, Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane, and Rick Braun. Having a different genre of music playing at the house or in your car every time a women enters will only make her want to know what makes you tick.

All the guys you know eating Pizza, Burgers, and Fries?

Order the salad or grilled chicken. Women love a guy that knows how to eat right. She will be impressed by your healthy diet. Once again know about what you're consuming, even down to how to say those French or Italian dishes. It's amazing how impressed women are on this Fu-Fu stuff!

All the guys you know do the "dinner and back to my place" date?

Do something that stimulates the mind like going to the museum, or botanic gardens, maybe followed by a picnic. In other words be creative. Women love to see a guy who uses his mind and strives to increase his knowledge.

I hope this helps out. I've had lots of success with these tips.

Good Luck!