How to Get Inside the Head of a Beautiful Woman

by Shanta-Killer

Women that are very beautiful know that they are.

They will be flooded with tons of compliments at all times. They know that everyone is interested in them. How can you separate yourself from the other guys complimenting her?

The key is to compliment her fully and also add something that displeases you. Something about her that you don't like. You might have to make up something if she is a perfect 10.

You could tell the beautiful blonde that she has a nice smile but her toes look a little strange.

You could tell the beautiful brunette that you love her look except you wish her hair was straight and not curly.

The woman will always remember you as the black card amongst 25 red cards.

She will bring up your comments the next time you see her, and feel that she will need to correct her so-called flaws. You now are playing on an even playing field. The rest is up to you!