Women Love My Karaoke Parties

by John

I will tell you that I have really enjoyed the tips. There is no substitute for experience and learning. You really have to be on your A-game when Ms. Right does come along.

My tip is that woman love to be entertained. A friend of mine bought a karaoke machine. If you would have told me three years ago that we would be singing karaoke, then I would have told you that you were crazy.

We started going to some karaoke places and made a lot of friends that sing. I purchased my own machine two years ago. It has been quite a rewarding experience.

Women like to be invited to parties at their friends' houses and singing is just good clean fun. If they are too self-conscious to sing, you can entice them with a group song, or just have them do back-up and maybe dance or play a prop. The props can be a lot of fun -- maybe find some wigs to wear, play bongo drums, or tambourines, etc.

Three weeks ago I decided to have a party on Tuesday. Well, every girl I invited came and most brought a friend. I met some new girls and have been dating one of them. Although I was trying to keep the number of men and women even, I ended up with 20 girls and 10 guys.

However, here is your warning: one guy friend who had never been to my house was so shocked that everyone had such a great time, that he called the next day and wanted to start Karaoke Tuesdays. He wanted to have it at different houses and to use my machine.

I told him I had just had my Karaoke Tuesday, and he needed to buy his own equipment.