How to Just Be Yourself

by Jimmy James

One of the most common pieces of advice women and even men give to people looking to become better in the dating scene is "JUST BE YOURSELF".

Some people see this advice as wrong because "just be yourself" requires no work, and without work one cannot get anything in life. These people that feel trying to improve oneself is the way to go in the dating scene.

Let me give you my insight on this topic.

First of all, depending on who says "just be yourself" changes the meaning.

For example, if a novice says "just be yourself" he means to do nothing and just let fate take its course. On the other hand, if an experienced guru on dating says "just be yourself" then it has a totally different meaning.

Being yourself, your true self that nature intended you to be, requires a lot of work. It requires that you first remove all the doubt and fear you have of women, for when you have fear and doubt then you are not being yourself. It means removing all guilt you have: guilt of hurting other people, guilt of doing something wrong.

Hence, "just be yourself" means to remove all bad emotions you carry inside of you so that you see your true self, and when that happens you become more attractive to women.

This leads to the following question: How does one remove these emotions?

There are many ways to do this. You just have to pick the one that you are more comfortable with.

1. Meditation, yoga, and tai-chi will do the job.

This is recommended for people who are patient and who have a lot of time on their hands because it may take 5 - 20 years to fully remove all useless emotions.

2. Read this web site, and practice all the techniques.

This will increase self-confidence, strength, perseverance, ability to handle rejection and by dating a lot of women, will also give you an insight into what type of women you like. Overall, this way of doing things is the fastest way of reaching your goal.

Using this strategy will also teach you something even more important. In life you can get anything you want. You just need the will to go for it. And this advice is invaluable.

3. Go after your life passion.

This is similar to #2 in that you are going after a goal, and the techniques you learn will help you understand yourself more. This is more powerful than #2 but of course it will take time to develop.

Unfortunately, some people don't even know what their life passion is. Hence, #2 is a good stepping stone to develop enough skill and understanding about yourself to tackle the real goal in life -- your life passion.

So remember, the next time someone says "just be yourself," tell them you are trying very hard to be yourself, and by using the techniques outlined on this web site the task is becoming simpler.

Explain to them that "being yourself" is a lot of hard work, and one day you hope to get there.

Jimmy James