How to Improve Your Success Rate With Women

by Taz

I've learned that one of the best aids in improving yourself is by constantly keeping track of how you're doing.

When it comes to being a DJ, it is helpful to know what your strong and weak points are. Your success does not just depend on "scoring."

Here's an example:

CONVO WITH _________ (7/18/04)

  • Opening/approach - Great
  • Eye contact - Good
  • Smile - Good
  • Kino - Bad, should have touched shoulder a few times
  • 70/30 talk ratio - Great
  • Mirroring - Whoops! Forgot all about that
  • Humor - Average
  • Focusing on her - Great
  • Listening actively - Average, sorta zoned out for awhile
  • # Close - Average, a little rushed

Fill this out yourself, and be critical.

Remember, this is a game, and these are your current stats. Do this every time you have a convo with a new chickie, and go over it every day.

Soon you will find exactly what aspects you need to improve and be well on your way to a Master DJ.