A Nice Little Gimmick That the Girls Love

by Armourofgod

Learn the basics of graphology. It's a big turn-on for a woman when you can tell a little bit about her personality from her handwriting.

Last night at the salsa bar, I had this girl all over me, just because I noticed that a couple the letters in her handwriting told me she was having problems with her relationship with her boyfriend.

When I questioned her on this, she bought me a drink and asked me to sit with her and tell her more. Eventually she just opened up emotionally and she was mine.

A useful tool for getting girls interested in you!

Try to collect as many samples of handwriting as possible. You'll find your local work place/school is a great place to start.

Check out the following site: handwritingsherlock.com

It's actually a handwriting analysis program.

Feed in each of the samples into the program.

The results will be sent to your email account. (It might be worth setting up a dozen or so email addresses so you can get lots of results for free.)

Compare each of the samples with the output results the handwriting program gives you. By doing this you get a feel for a person's personality through a particular piece of handwriting.

Check out the following site too: myhandwriting.com

This gives you an idea of what certain letters signify (i.e. the way they are written). For example, the letter y can reveal a lot about a person's sex drive. If you tell this to a woman, she'll open up to you like crazy.

The most important letters to learn to interpret are y, i, d, and t.

An i with a blob on top probably indicates she has a musical/artistic background. Pretty cool, huh?

There's loads of stuff on the internet on handwriting analysis.

Women seem to love to know more about themselves since they don't know themselves anyway.

I got an email from this lady this morning. She said she was a little scared because she did not expect a complete stranger to know so much about her.

Once you have learned the basics, she might ask, "Oh can you read the future?"

Just say yes and no. This keeps her guessing and makes her want to see you again.

Believe me it works a dream!