Get More Girls By Tracking Your Performance

by Don the Legend

Here is an idea that you can use to see how you are progressing.

I am a very visual person that likes to see what kind of progress I am making. Here is what I do:

When I see a girl that I want to meet and ask for her number, I do one of two things. I either go up and introduce myself and then ask for the number, or I wimp out and do nothing.

Every time I make an approach and ask for the number, I give myself a plus one on my calendar for that particular day. Every time I wimp out and do nothing, I give myself a minus one on my calendar for that particular day. If I see 4 or 5 women that I really would like to meet, I plus or minus each girl.

I review each day to see if I have more pluses (positives) or minuses (negatives). What is my bottom line? Just like any business operator, I am looking to see if I am being productive or I am being unproductive.

The more pluses I see each day the more confidence I create. The more confidence I create, the more successful I am in my next approach. Success feeds success.

The opposite holds true for the minuses. You will see that the more minuses you have, the more unconfident you will be, the more you will not approach. This is why you need to keep score. You will see a pattern.

For those that are new and need something small to do before asking for the number, just try to make eye contact and smile. Grade yourself the same way. You need to see where you stand.

For those that are intermediate and you want a little more than the beginner, do all of the beginner's steps and then say "Hi". Again grade yourself. See your progress.

For advanced, go up and introduce yourself and before you leave, ask for the phone number. Again grade yourself on your calendar. Did I get a plus for approaching, or did I get a minus for not approaching?

You can even go a step further by also keeping a notebook on what you did right in your approach and what you did wrong. See if there are any patterns in what is working for you.

At the end of the day or at the end of the week, see if you have more pluses or more minuses.

For every minus that I get for not approaching, I give my buddy a dollar. For every approach I do, I keep a dollar that I spend on myself. This way there is a monetary cost for not approaching. If I am net negative for the week (I add all of my pluses and minuses for the week), I pay him.

You can change any of the variables on this scorecard to make this more challenging.

It's really up to you. It's your life. You determine how much success you want in your life. It's all about you. This scorecard approach helps you keep score. I hope this helps.

Good Luck!