How I Got 50 Phone Numbers In 4 Hours

by Derek

Ok, this is for those guys that have a hard time approaching women themselves, but once the contact has been made are usually good at talking.

It takes a little creativity and some preparation, but if you do it right, you will have tons of hotties coming up to you.

I figured this out while doing some work for a clothing company I am starting. I printed out about 15 designs of shirts that I had made for my company and I went downtown and set up a table in the middle of the mall.

I kept two notebooks out, one with a tally for the designs, and one for the ladies info. I just stood there and anybody who walked by, I asked them if they would like to give me their input on my designs.

I handed them my designs and told them to tell me which ones they liked and which they didn't. After they were done, I gave them some spiel about how we were going to be giving away some hats and shirts later on, and if they would like to put down their info, we would enter them in the drawing.

Eventually, I gained a crowd and people would start coming up to the table of their own volition, asking me what I was doing.

I gave them the same spiel and then they were on their way.

However when there was any hottie that approached, I would start asking them questions, that seemed like demographic questions, but they were really questions that made them realize I was interested. I would keep talking until someone else came up, and then I would ask them if they wanted to do something later, and told them to put their info down on the sheet. I would put stars by all the chicks that I liked.

At the end of the day, from about 4 hours of that, I had about 50 numbers and about 15 that wanted to do something later on with me.

The best part was that the women saw that I was not only creative because of the designs, but they also saw that I had drive and ambition. It was by far the easiest way I've ever gotten some girls' phone numbers.