Tell Her How You Feel

by Krazy Joe

So many guys will rack their brains trying to think of what to say to break past a girl's barrier when they first meet her. Here's a simple solution: Tell her how you feel.

Let's say a hot girl is at the bar or at a bus stop. Come up to her and just say how you feel.

A good phrase is "I'm so nervous". Her response will most likely be "Why?"

Then you follow up with something creative, like "This is my first day going to work" or "I don't know anybody here." Don't tell her "Because you're so hot." The ironic part is she will try to understand and try to make you feel better about yourself by telling you about herself.

Sometimes you can look at her and tell what her mood is and make a comment like it's your own feeling as well.

Perhaps you come up to her and you notice that she looks a little tired and say something like "I'm so tired" or "I don't know how long I can wait for this bus." She'll immediately relate and it will seem like you have something in common.