Why She Chooses One Guy Over Another

by Jason

In general, we only comprehend the world from our own individual and subjective point of view. It's hard for many of us to see outside ourselves.

So with that in mind let me try to illustrate a very simple point that may help you out with your perspective on relationships. And in order to try and make this point even clearer, I'm going to eliminate the whole female aspect from the scenario so that it doesn't cloud your understanding.

Here we go:

You are a man and you only have two friends in the whole world.

Friend A and Friend B

Now Friend A is a very confident young man about the same age as you. His actions are very deliberate, he stands proud and tall.

Whenever you are with him the good times roll and the laughs just keep coming. It doesn't matter what you do with him because it always turns out to be a good time.

He seems to you to be a man with an inner direction. He moves confidently in the direction that he feels he should go.

Friend B on the other hand is more of a directionless slouch.

He kind of hangs around. He doesn't seem to have too much of a direction in life. He likes to complain about all the wrongs in the world and how he's constantly being "screwed" by the bigger forces that "keep him down."

Whenever you go somewhere with him it usually turns into him giving you a dissertation about why life sucks and why all people everywhere suck.

Now if you were to go on a cross country road trip with one of them, and you knew full well that you would be spending every waking moment for the next two weeks with that person, who would you choose to go with? Friend A or Friend B?

A woman's decision is not so much different than the one that you face in the previous scenario.

Would a woman rather go out on a date with you if you were Friend A or if you were Friend B?

Would a woman want to go with you on the ultimate road trip (aka marriage) if you were Friend A or Friend B?

Life is essentially one long trip, so ask yourself if you are someone you'd want to take that trip with.