Learning to Be a Don Juan

by Panzergrenadier

In my flight instructor class this year we learned that there are 7 principles of learning, and recently I realized they can be seen in training DJs.

* Principle of Readiness

A student learns best when he is prepared and motivated to learn. If the student is not prepared or motivated, the learning session will be a waste of time and of little value. This translates into when you start your change from average guy to DJ, you have to prepare yourself by reading all the tips and be motivated and want to change, otherwise nothing will happen.

* Principle of Exercise

Things that are most often repeated are best remembered. Meaning, if you want to get better at macking and meeting new girls, you actually have to go out and mack and meet new girls. The more you practice, the better you get.

* Principle of Effect

The student learns best when there is a tangible reward for their effort.

* Principle of Primacy

What is learned first is often best remembered. It takes effort to unlearn something learned wrong the first time. That is why many wussy traits can be hard to break.

* Principle of Intensity

The more intense the learning situation, the better it will be remembered. That's why students remember a video better than reading a boring textbook.

* Principle of Recency

Things most recently learned are best remembered. So periodically review the information at the DJ site, and keep practicing, practicing, practicing.