How to Leave a Message on a Girl's Answering Machine or Voice Mail

by Anon

You've been talking to or seeing a gal and you call, but get her answering machine or voice mail. I've found the following to be some important fundamentals when dealing with this.

1. Do sound somewhat enthusiastic and like you're glad to be calling. Smile when you talk. Instead of a boring "Hi" say "HEY, (insert girl's name here)!"

2. Do not ramble. A brief message will do; if you realize you're rambling say something like: "Oh man, I'm just rambling now. Call me back at 555-DJ4U. Bye." You don't want to sound like that guy from "Swingers" - do you?

3. Do keep the conversation casual. Don't make her feel like if she calls back, then she has to go out on a date with you. Tell her to call back just to chat or whatever.

4. Do be specific. Don't just say something like: "Just calling to say what's up." Otherwise, she may not know that you want her to call back.

5. Do make her want to call you back. Just mention something from your last conversation: "Hey remember that song we were talking about? Well, I figured out who sung it -- Call me back."

These few tips have made my life much easier and have helped me leave messages with class. If you sound confident and relaxed on tape, then you might just be someone she wants to keep seeing.