How to Deal With Your Girlfriend's Bad Behavior

by Lance

Recently, my girlfriend was in the bar where I play in a band, and she got very jealous when I was talking to a woman. She pushed past the girl and ordered me to take her home.

Well, this woman belonged to the bartender, and my girlfriend was being ridiculous. So I told her that I wasn't taking her anywhere until she apologized to the woman for being rude.

She argued a bit, but I stood my ground. Guess what happened. She not only apologized to my female friend, but they bonded, and were in the bathroom for about 15 minutes chatting (women!).

I can't even begin to tell you how empowered I felt at that moment.

The main point of sharing this story was that I now realize that I don't have to be scared of making a woman upset anymore. I don't have to put up with bad behavior.

When a woman behaves badly, I will call her on her bull without any fear. If it's too much for her to deal with and she won't change what she's doing, I will cut her loose and find someone more stable.

I now tell myself how there are more single women that would love to spend time with me than I could ever date in ten lifetimes.

So learn about the "scarcity mentality", and how devastating it can be if we let ourselves buy into it. Don't put up with BS from any woman, no matter how attractive and powerful she seems to be.

This has been an amazing breakthrough for me. It is important to go beyond understanding to becoming the knowledge.