How to Pick Up Waitresses

by Brian

I just had a recent experience that I hope will profit all of you. Many of you have written me asking various questions over my tips, articles, or posts and 9 out of 10 times it is "what do you say" in a given situation.

Well, I came across a gold mine today.

Lately I have been very lucky with the women in my life. It seems that no matter what, they are responding to me, calling me, chasing me, and doing every wild fantasy I have ever had.

Today a friend took me to Hooters for lunch. Our waitress was the hottest girl in the place. Long legs, long blond hair, tight waist, well built with a cute bunch of freckles and at least one inch taller than me (also, she is 21, I am 33).

As we were being seated I was my normal self. Teasing her, but with no agenda. You know, when she asked what I wanted to drink I teased her about not getting her thumb in my coffee, and when she started to go get our drinks I told her to "Hurry up!" (this always gets a fast reaction look of 'Oh no you didn't').

Anyway, my buddy and I chatted and sometimes when she came up I teased her, sometimes I ignored her and kept talking. She had touched me almost every time she came to the table so I told her "I have been keeping count of the times you have touched me, and I am going to charge you $20 for every touch."

As she got that look of 'you are an asshole, but you are funny', I added, "And if you want me to touch you, I charge even more."

Well, at this point I decided to try a new pickup. When she came back to the table I looked her in the eye and said "My girlfriend is out of town for Thanksgiving, but there is a comedy club I want to go to tomorrow night. How about you pick me up and take me out. And you must keep your hands to yourself!"

Her jaw hit the floor, and she started talking about how much she wanted to go and asking questions. She then asked "Should I go with you? What about your girlfriend?" I told her "No, you shouldn't do this. My girlfriend is a bodybuilder and she won't like it all." (This is a description of one of the women I am dating.)

Before I left, she got my number. She called. She picked me up and we had a great time.

I have no idea what to call this approach, but it created mystery, a challenge, and put her into 'compete' mode with a woman who she only knows in her mind. I will be using variations of this one a lot.