How a Nice Guy Turned Into a Don Juan

by Mel

OK, here's my tip...

Get hold of a copy of "Bad Boy" by Olivia Goldsmith (2002).

It's about a nerdy guy who gets transformed into a stud by a female friend. The story line is sappy (basically a knock off of Shaw's "Pygmalion", which later was bowdlerized into "My Fair Lady"), but that's not why you should read it.

The novel includes a brilliant description of the makeover of a "nice" guy into a Don Juan, the pathetic portrayal of the "wussification" of an otherwise studly "jerk", and perhaps most importantly, real insight into the way women play the game.

There are some hysterically funny descriptions of the nerd's first attempts to pick up women, but the debriefings he undergoes after each screw-up are alone worth the cost of the book.

"Bad Boy" is a piece of literary dreck, but the lessons it serves up to Don Juannabes are priceless.


My Best Opening Line

by Bradley

My favorite opening line that has gotten a 100% response rate is:


A woman's curious nature will force her to take the bait and respond with "For what?" You then say anything remotely clever and you're in.

Personally, I like to rip on them such as, "That's the most ridiculous outfit I've seen all day." Or "You make more noise walking than anyone I know."

Good luck!