Applying Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun in Dating

by Mark

I'm in my senior year of college as a Management major and one of the books I had to read was on the "Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun." As I was reading, I noticed there were several concepts mentioned that can be directly applied to dating. Here they are:

In one chapter, Attila was talking to his army about the importance of dressing for battle.

"When on the hunt, be prepared to hunt. Wear the clothing that will serve you well as you chase the wild beasts in the forest. Insignificant as they may seem, dress and armament are important and will be counted in the measure of your success or failure."

The same is true in dating in regards to being prepared to pursue women and how to dress. Look sharp because it will have a major impact on your success.

In another chapter entitled "Surviving Defeat: There is Another Day", Attila suffered his first and only defeat to his bitter rival Aetius from the Roman Empire. After regrouping, Attila gives words of encouragement to his army.

"My aim is to kindle the fires of your emotional stamina so that you may not become hopeless in the face of disappointment. Let these insights to my secrets be the fuel to ignite the fires of your determination to retreat and regroup your ambitions for success on another day. For as long as you breathe, all is not lost."

* No Chieftain will ever win every encounter. Sometimes you will lose, regardless of how prepared you are to win.

* Momentary loss of self-worth, confidence and determination are normal emotions that accompany personal loss. Do not dwell on your bad moments too long.

* Learn from defeat! Don't become a victim of it.

All of us have had failures in dating. Whether it was getting rejected and having a negative experience at a club or just having a bad date, everyone experiences setbacks. It is just a part of dating, so choose to do something about it.

Learn from it rather than feeling down, discouraged, or having a pity party. Choose to rise above it by regaining your confidence and using some of the leadership secrets of Attila.

Of course, when dating or pursuing women, there is more to it than just dressing the part and overcoming failure. But these are two key concepts that if learned and applied along with other tips mentioned in this newsletter, it can bring you success in dating.