Breaking the Dating Rules — Learn From My Mistake

by Jason

I recently met a woman. She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, everything I look for.

I was doing everything right in the beginning, maintaining a little mystery and only giving a little information at a time. She passed the kiss test on the first date, and I could tell her interest level was high. We had this amazing incredible chemistry if you know what I mean.

As we talked more and more, though, she was constantly asking me to open up and share my thoughts and feelings, saying nothing in my mind was too big or too small to tell her, don't hold back, etc.

Since she seemed trustworthy, and I liked her, I started to believe her.

They have a saying in the military: "Loose lips sink ships" (referring to people letting out sensitive information to the point where the enemy knows enough to sink our naval ships). It's true in the military and it's true in romance.

I started to tell her everything, what I liked about her, then how I felt about her, etc. (I'm cringing as I write this; you should be cringing too!) She was open with me as well but I was scaring her off. My loose lips, my letting out too much, was sinking the ship of possibilities with us.

We talked more and more deeply to the point where we were having deep relationship talks which started causing relationship misunderstandings and relationship issues, and WE WEREN'T EVEN IN A RELATIONSHIP!

All of this made things way more difficult than it should have been, and of course disaster followed.

Here's the part where you can learn from my mistakes.

Guys, we all know the rules. There are stages for what you can talk about with a woman and when (if you don't know what I'm talking about, read the articles). The rules exist for a reason. They exist to protect you and to protect your possibilities with women.

I thought I could break the rules and get away with it, and I was wrong. Please for the sake of yourself, learn the rules and play by the rules.