How to Get the Attractive Girls to Notice You

by Inrvuuvamp

If you find yourself in a social setting with lots of women about, the best way to get off your butt and start having fun is to start from the bottom. By this, I of course mean finding the most unattractive woman in the scene and having fun with her before you go for the bigger bait.

Now, I'm not saying jump on the first ugly little duckling you see; do yourself a favor and do not try and hit on her or anything. You must befriend an unattractive girl WHO IS FRIENDLY BACK and it will lead to all sorts of benefits:

She may have cute friends to introduce you to or she may know the person throwing the event. Either way, you know for a fact that your potential will only rise as the event progresses.

But above all, you're bound to start off your night/day with little pressure to impress and hopefully lots of fun. Not only will this boost your confidence, but other, more attractive girls will pick up on it.

No matter how unattractive your new friend may be, the other, more competitive (and, accordingly, more attractive) ladies will simply notice the fact that you're giving that girl the time of her life... and they'll want in.

So get out there, start from the bottom, and enjoy yourself.