A Subtle Way to Ask For a Date

by Joe Single

The most difficult part of getting a date is asking for it. That's when you're out on a limb and not in control. You're at the mercy of the girl you're asking. If she says "no", you don't get a date. Ouch!

While we try not to take it personally and play it as a numbers game (if you ask enough women eventually you get a date), it is personal: If she turns you down she obviously doesn't like you enough.

So to try and reduce that uncomfortable feeling of rejection, a friend of mine has a pretty good technique.

When you're talking with her, ask her what restaurants she likes. If she names a few, suggest the two of you go there together some time.

If she says she "doesn't get out much" or the like, name a few that you like. If she picks up on it and expresses interest, ask her out. If not, that's a sign she's either too dense or she's not interested. Either way, move on to another girl.

But either way, you find out whether a woman is interested in going out on a date with you before asking instead of flying blind. You have a much better idea before you ask if she's interested.

Joe Single