How Being In a Band Makes Getting Girls Easy

by Mr. C.

Here is what happened to me last night.

I am a drummer in a local rock band and performed at a show where four bands played. Since my band was the "newest" kid on the block (our first show), we went on stage first. Let me tell you, being the first band on stage is NOT a bad thing.

Keep your EGO in check and trust me... it pays off! If you guys have any musical talent, start or join a band! You do not have to try to be the next Rolling Stones or Bon Jovi but just get out there and play.

Anyway, after the show, four women approached me and started friendly conversation. I didn't have to approach any of them... they came to me. Two more women kept smiling but were probably too shy to come over. Anyways, I had my hands full.

By the way, I consider myself fairly unattractive so I know it had to do with my drumming ability that they were interested in me. The musicians there last night had first dibs on all the women. The good looking guys that were there just to hear the show, 99% of them left alone.

Here is the kicker -- something I learned from the Don Juan website and it works like a charm. When talking with a woman -- especially at a concert -- whatever side the woman is standing on while talking with you, make sure you have a drink in that hand at her chest level.

Since the music is so loud, she has to get real close to your ear to talk and all the rest of the night, women were rubbing their chests against my hand all night long.

Anyway, I left that night with the phone numbers of two of the women that were talking with me. The things one has to do for the sake of rock-n-roll.

As far as being the last band on stage, my friend plays drums in that band and no women knew he was in a band during the other acts. Anyway, when his band finished playing, everyone started going home (was 3 am in the morning).

So trust me, go on stage first. You get to meet and chat with all the women you want.