Win With Girls Despite Your Flaws

by K. Dawg

By taking something that would normally make you look like a loser and turning it around to make it look good in your favor, you score mega points. Let me give you an example:

I personally have shaky hands. When chicks would bring that up my traditional response would be to try to defend myself and say I have some kind of tremor thing and that's it's not my fault. I ended up looking like a cripple or loser or something!

What I do now is I tell the chick that it's good for stimulation (with a smile and a wink) and she starts laughing and warming up to me! That's an excellent conversation starter.

Another example is if you're poor or temporarily broke like I always am, you can tell her that you got nothin but love (again, smile and a wink). This one's good for students like me.

Anyways, the point is to take whatever it is that a chick can bring you down with and turn it around. You always end up sharing a good laugh and this chick realizes that you have some huge confidence levels, because 95% of the time she uses that line on another guy, he becomes self conscious and loser-ish.

Hope you found this useful.