Succeed with Women By Following the Script

by Mark

Anyone that has been a frequent reader of the tips in this newsletter has noticed some very common but important themes.

They stress the importance of exuding confidence, not coming on too strong at first, and having patience by not rushing a relationship. They pretty much give you a script to follow in order to keep a woman's interest level in you high.

I'm a senior in college as a management major and one of the books I had to read this semester was "What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School" by Mark McCormack. One of his business tips is to follow the script in making a sale:

"Most deals seem to have a secret life which follows a kind of preordained script. Anyone who has ever killed one by closing too quickly or too late, by shortening or extending a sale beyond its natural life, would probably attest to this."

The same is true in dating. How many of us have missed out on a potential relationship just because we moved too quickly, rushed things, or came on too strong too soon. Other people miss out on a relationship because they wait too long and don't capitalize on an opportunity.

Also, we shouldn't extend a relationship beyond its natural life. Sometimes there comes a time when you have to cut your losses and move on. When a relationship isn't fun anymore, is a constant hassle, and isn't worth the trouble, end it. The fear of being alone keeps people in relationships that cause them constant heartache and pain, even though they know deep down inside that they should end it.

The author also goes on to say, "By rewriting the script, they give it an unhappy ending." If you've made this mistake of trying to speed things up and have lost a relationship, learn from it. Don't let it happen again.

So let me remind you again to follow the script. Don't come on too strong or reveal your feelings too soon. Don't rush things. Show some patience and discipline by following the script, and you won't miss out on a potential relationship.