Unusual Techniques for Confidence

by Jimmy James

What separates the men from the boys in the dating game is self-confidence.

The self-confidence required to walk up to a girl and talk to her.

The self-confidence required to kiss a girl.

The self-confidence required to say no to a girl.

The self-confidence required to use most of the techniques outlined on this site.

This is such a huge bottleneck that most guys read many articles but never have the self-confidence to use any of it.

What a waste!!!

So is there anything that can be done to increase self-confidence? For some just brute force works. For many it just does not work.

Here are some techniques that do work. Applied over time you will see an incredible increase of self confidence.

Homeopathy: A homeopath can determine what is causing your low self confidence and subscribe energy medicine to get ride of it. (I still don't understand why and how it works, but I have tried it and it does work.) However, you may need to do this for 6 months or so to see a difference.

Meditation: Regular meditation over time, say around 1 - 2 years can remove a lot of fears you have inside of you and generate self confidence.

Yoga: Yoga is like meditation, regular practice will generate the same results.

Tai-Chi: Tai-Chi is like meditation, regular practice will generate the same results.

Fasting: 1 month of only drinking water or juice supervised by a trained professional will generate amazing results. In fact this is by far the best technique to generate a huge increase of self confidence over a very short period of time. This is something I have not tried, but would like to one day, as I have read much on this topic. This technique is not for everyone. I highly recommend you read up on it before trying it.

There are so many others like: Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Massage, etc.

All of the above work the same way, they remove bad emotions and replace them with good emotions. When done on a regular basis over a long period of time one can see a tremendous increase of self-confidence ....

Sometimes, you see a pretty girl and you know what you have to do but don't have the self-confidence to do it. This is when you need a boost. These techniques will do that for you.

Jimmy James