How I Successfully Approach Any Woman I Want


I have been very successful approaching women in the most casual "inappropriate situations" where I had less than a minute time slot of being able to talk to a cutie. The secret?

Honesty and saying what's on you mind in a confident manner, with no apologies.

Let me tell you what I mean. When I see an attractive woman at a bus, on the street, or at a cafe -- rather than trying to think what to say and how to start a conversation, I simply go for it saying:

"Excuse me!" slowly and pacing myself, while having a light smile of confidence on my face.

She turns around and says "Yes?"

I go - "I know it is probably a bad time and place, and you must be on your way somewhere / busy doing something (whatever she is doing), and in fact - I must go myself, but I saw you and thought you were a very attractive woman and I thought I would just come by and tell you that."

Smile again and watch her response.

If she is neutral or cold, simply acknowledge the ending of the conversation and walk away. If she seems happy and flattered - green light! Proceed further by saying something along the lines:

"And I thought, if you are not married, or terribly attached to anyone, perhaps we could meet sometimes... do you have e-mail?" Women feel much safer these days giving their e-mail addresses than phone numbers, so you should be able to get an e-mail from a woman no problem.

It is CRUCIAL how you say all of the above and how you carry yourself. Don't rush through the words. Speak slowly and clearly. Make no apologies about what you say and be proud of what you do. After all, you make her feel good about who she is.

Keep in mind that this attractive woman is approached often, but how often is she approached in such a clean, genuine and a real way? She is used to cheesy lines, bar pick-up routines, whistling and name calling on the streets, etc... and here you are - it's almost like her dream!

Make her dream come true, approach and do it.