Get Off the Telephone - Quick!

by Aztec

Another pointer from Jerry Seinfeld:

Jerry was telling an analogy about robbing a bank to getting a date over the phone and not dangling on a conversation after.

Jerry said to George, "Just like robbing a bank. You don't loiter around with a big bag of money... You have to get out!"

Meaning after sealing a deal (date), terminate the call by saying goodbye before you say something stupid.


Hi. It's Me!

by BasicInstinct

A lot of times when girls call me, I have noticed (after maybe seeing them for a week) that when they call they will say, "Hi. It's me!"

Don't fall for this!

Even though you may have caller ID or recognize their voice, NEVER acknowledge that you automatically know who it is. It's a test to see how whipped you are.

So when a girl calls you and says, "Hi. It's me", respond with, "Who is this?" This throws her off and keeps her wondering whether she is the only girl you are seeing.