The Rules of Attracting Women

by Comote

We read lots of questions saying do I do this or do that. I think a lot of us tend to depend too much on the "rules". The "rules" are meant as a crutch and nothing more. "The Essence of a Don Juan" is basically this.

  1. Women should know you are interested, just not how much.
  2. Women should know you are the man, not through you telling them, but by them seeing you in action.
  3. Women should know you will not chase them, that when it does not look like someone is interested, you will walk away and not be upset about it.

I have broken many of the DJ rules, and I do it with one principle -- when you really don't care (and when you really do) women can sense this. I have been able to do this two major ways.

  1. Always working more than one, this way when it does not work with one you can always fall back on others.
  2. When I meet someone that really excites me, I actually step back and take some time before I take the next step. This way I calm down and get prospective on the situation and am able to proceed as normal.

Women have commented that they were really attracted to me but they got this feeling that I did not really care whether I got them or not. I think that "but" should be changed to "because."