The Two-Meeting Rule — Never Wind Up As Just Friends

by BasicInstinct

We all want to avoid hearing those dreaded words: LET'S JUST BE FRIENDS.

Here is a little rule I have devised. Of course it's not foolproof (but then again, what is?), but bear this in mind when meeting a new girl:

You will have 2 meetings, starting from the moment the two of you meet, to assert that you want to be more than just friends.

Now of course you want her to know that you are more than an AFC (wimpy nice guy) from the very moment you meet her, but always assume that if you do not assert your manhood within the first two meetings (by kino, neghits, cockiness, etc), she will consider you LJBF material.

If you do not do this within this timeframe, you will have an exponentially harder time convincing her that you are the man for her.

So act fast, do what you need to do, and never hear these dreaded words ever again!