Meeting Girls at the Gym

by Davis Does Dallas

When you see girls out at a bar, they're all primped with perfect makeup, hair, clothes, etc. They know they look good.

At the moment, they're thinking about how good they look and how lucky a guy would be to even talk to them. They're expecting to be hit on by many well-groomed guys, who they can then turn down for an ego boost.

When you see girls at the gym, they're sweaty, wearing a t-shirt and probably have their hair sloppily tied up and out of their face. They think they're at their most disgusting, they think they smell bad, their self-conscious about the sweat leaking through their shirt, and the last thing they're expecting is to be picked up.

Read: opportunity.

Now a quick look at yourself. I promise you don't look as good at the bar as she does, no matter how attractive or well put together you are. But you look at least as good as she does at the gym, with a manly musk and a little sweat shining on your muscles.

With no makeup and easy hair, the difference between how you look at the gym and how you look at the bar isn't anywhere near the difference in her appearance at the two places. The scale is now tipped in your favor for once, she'll be taken off guard and dying to show you that she really can look better than she does at that moment.

I think I've made my point.

Davis Does Dallas