Playing the Numbers Game

by Dante Yore

Okay, everyone knows what a ratio is (hopefully) and in life ratios are abundant.

In Vegas the most important thing when betting is to play the odds, and with women odds give you the ability to play. So try this tip since I got a great e-mail response from my last one written over a year ago.

First off, it doesn't matter where you go or who you are, women are everywhere. Which we all know. I see at least 4 women a day I wouldn't mind taking home, so there is the ratio.

Four women a day equals 28 women a week. Now, let's say you have learned how to take a risk and put yourself out there for the greater good of getting laid. Because, honestly, playing the field is the first step to figuring out what you want.

So let's say you hit on these 4 women a day you find attractive, and out of the 28 that translates into at the end of the week, you only walk away with 4 numbers. That's a 1:7 ratio. Not the best odds in the world, but you could do worse.

So 4 numbers a week and 4 weeks in a month gives you 16 numbers, of women you find attractive that wouldn't mind you calling them. 16 numbers isn't bad, but isn't that amazing either. At least when you have a Friday night free and no one to hang out with you can call up to 16 women.

16 women a month and 12 month's in a year and when the end of the year rolls around you find yourself with an astounding 192 numbers of women you find attractive. Which we already said is a 1:7 ratio, not bad.

I wouldn't mind 192 phone numbers, would you?

So in one month you are going to get rejected 96 times, but you'll have 16 numbers to show for it. And in one year you'll get rejected 1152 times, but you'll have 192 numbers to show for it.

Now there is this movie called "Knockaround Guys" with Vin Diesel, and in the movie Vin talks about how he became a mafia tough guy. "500 fights!" Vin's character decides to become a tough guy 500 fights is what he needs under his belt.

Well, to become a total pimp that makes the girls wet when you walk into a room you're gonna need some practice too. But I promise you this: if you actually try this tip you will have 192 phone numbers at the end of the year and in one year you will educate yourself for the rest of your life on what to and not to say to women.

Dante Yore