My System for Meeting Girls In a Bar or Club

by Macking SD

Alright, here's a tip that will increase your production 1000% while out with your boys. And it will increase your confidence immensely. It's called "The Call Out."

Next time you are out hunting for game with your boys do the following:

1) Circle the bar once and identify where all the hot groups of girls are. Initiate eye contact.

2) Start "the rotation" by instructing one of your boys to go approach the hottest group of chicks in the bar (they must be within view). Now he must approach and INITIATE CONVERSATION with those girls.

3) After your boy makes his approach give him a few minutes to make conversation with the group by himself. After 5 minutes approach the same table/group of girls and help him out.

4) After a few minutes get numbers and regroup with your boys.

5) Now it's that guy's turn to call the next guy out. Send the next guy to the next hottest group of girls.

6) Repeat the process with all your friends until you've met most of the hot girls in the bar.

This is a great way to make the most of your night. Each group of girls you talk to will see you as a guy with confidence, and other girls WILL NOTICE you as a guy who is not afraid to approach hot girls. Confidence gets you laid.

Repeat the process and it will get easier with each go around.

Good luck!

Macking SD