Why Women Love You When You're Taken

by William

Ever notice when you are already in a relationship or dating someone that it seems like you attract more people? Perhaps you have even heard the phrase, "my wedding ring attracts women". Here is the secret:

The reason you often are more attractive when you are unavailable is not necessarily the fact that you are taken. When you are already committed to someone you often personify the traits that attract women the most. Such as:

Confidence - usually you are not a timid man when talking to women because you have nothing to loose!

Challenge - although most women probably would not interfere in your relationship, you do provide a challenge in that you don't chase after them, give them everything they wish, or in general, show them tons of attention.

Appeal - This could be through physical attraction, but probably is more associated with the fact that by being with another person, you have done some thing(s) to improve yourself. Perhaps you improved your finances, you began working out, or through your mate have gained new experiences like travel, hobbies, etc.

If you are currently single, why not take the same approach as if though you were taken. Be confident, stay a challenge, and work to better yourself!